by The Milk Blossoms

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released November 5, 2015

all songs written, arranged, produced and performed by the milk blossoms
recorded and mixed by ben clary
mastered by zac greenberg of taste sound studio
album artwork by cedric alessandro chambers

tinyamp records


all rights reserved



The Milk Blossoms Denver, Colorado

Combining ukulele, expressive beatboxing and piano, the trio blends to create dark pop music. The Milk Blossoms have been featured on Colorado Public Radio Open Air, Radio 1190, Film on the Rocks, Colorado Public Television's Sounds on 29th and has won "Best Pop Band" for the 2018 Westword Music Awards and “Best Experimental” band for the 2016 Westword Music Awards. ... more


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Track Name: Greyhound
I saw a rainbow around the sun and I wore it as a ring/I married the way the light shifts in the day away from the green and the grey/ Sword walking ain't for me no more i'm seeking solid ground/No one's waiting at the bottom for me it’s a long way down/Hey I’m going, I’m going out east i'm gonna see you i'm gonna feel you/Hey im going im going up north I’m gonna show ya i'm gonna know ya/Resurrection of my memory, echoes on your chords/Where crowds sing along to my saddest self, pop melodies sprung from the ghost of my shell/ I climbed a scaffold and I skinned my knee, I elegantly held a parliament in my teeth/Hey im going im going out west, I'm gonna be the best, i'm gonna ace the test, hey im going im going down south i'm gonna need ya, I'm gonna feel ya/Hey im going im going to your house gonna make it with you i'm gonna sing it with you I, gonna take take two blocks to your house gonna know it with you, and show it with you
Track Name: Walking Back
Blue train tracks with the horror lines, and played with candlewax, land mines. Oh how quickly I lose my breath, oh how modest are those who are deafening these cold plantation, sitting in trunks, driving alone nothing but disguises and a phone book, and whore houses ain't what they could be nothing like the ones In my body. whore houses aint loud enough for neighbors or scarecrows to call my bluff. Martyrs in masks decorate the downfall curious to kill the cat that caught the pinball and yes my ego crawls into bed and yes my skin is noosed above barricades this cold planation sitting in trunks nothing but disguises and a phone book and whore houses ain't what they could be, nothing like the ones in my body whore houses aint loud enough for neighbors and scare crows to call my bluff I must believe in voices why else would I be walking I must believe in voices why else would I be walking back, I must I must I must believe in voices why else would I be walking back
Track Name: Potpourri
For a quick second the time never passed and since we’re on our way, I’m on the list for persistent assistance so check your shoes for blades. Standing with symmetry harboring wind, hope we’re fast asleep, running our glass chasmic caskets filled with potpourri. Mouth of a sailor; heart like the sea; smoke like a chimney; dream of the trees. Put things in the rows to a religion black cats and birds and backs. Singing a song to dust in my lungs, twirl beneath the slack. Stuttering cataract stumbling cadillac birds without a bee, pillow shroud ant caught in a slant eyes that whisper sea. Thunder won’t rumble sitting in tumbles factories will reap. Summertime slurs, mountains recur them to us then me. Fortune will find us guess we’ll remind the stars the sirs the stares. Elephant overthrow think cosmic undertow punctuation prayers.
Track Name: Ghost No More
started to grow skin on my bones ghost no more I’m a ghost no more/these are my bones out on the line i watch them sway out to dry/the summer brings out the fight in everybody/ the summer brings out the flight in everybody/the summer brings out the fight in everybody/ the summer brings out the flight/i started to grow skin on my bones/i'm a ghost no more/these are my bones out on the line i watch them sway out to dry/don't wanna pretend don't wanna pretend don't wanna pretend that i know everybody that i meet for the first time/ just by looking into their eyes/i started to grow skin on my bones/I’m a ghost no more
Track Name: Emeralds
often lost over glances where birds have eaten emeralds for nourishment/ it's in the seaweed infested waters of your iris is where i wish to swim alone/ till i die/ i love you and you love me and it has nothing to do with being with you physically/ it has to do with you being someone i want to be close with/ till i die till/within the hippocampus thrives a memory gland/ stones smooth like water hold steady spines as seaweed eyes burn into mine/ simply a mirror's reflection/ i look up to the sky above to find that orion is missing because hey he's sitting there next to me till i die
Track Name: Quiet
The winter turns bitter and no one can bear/The thought of frostbite tip-toeing at night/And maybe you like her like a new magazine, and maybe she tells you how sorry she’s been/The staircase is whining with terminal care, leading the bedrooms of cum and perfume/Standing by psychics makes me want to lie, I should have kept my sighs inside.
Track Name: Psychic Spirit
I saw an angel in white they told me everything would be alright/i spoiled your name in the passenger seat it showed up on the license plate in front of me/ that’s why I'm singing now to you/ tell me when it's my turn to move. I've been having the same dream going on a long time running/A film I never paid for snuck in the back I sat on the floor/that’s why i'm singing now to you/tell me when it's my turn to move
Track Name: Riverside
oh I sat by riverside I know my way around oh I sat by riverside but I don’t wait around/the fire it burns deep down in the ground and the devil he dances in hospital gowns/ oh bring me the sick but don’t bring me the still cause the dead are buried underneath the hill/ oh heaven it glows all wide in the sky/and the choir of angels they sing and they cry bring me your heart but don’t bring me your soul cause god ain’t walking that road no more

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